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Fertility Health Screening


Subfertility is a multifactorial problem. What makes a difference is not a single solution, but a combined approach to health. Your body’s health determines your ability to procreate: it affects follicle/egg /sperm quality; it supports your immune system; it influences your ability to cope with IVF treatment; it governs a healthy pregnancy and child birth.

At Chadderton Acupuncture, we offer health screening option that could assist you to get onto the path of a vibrant health. The health screening is based on bioresonance (electronic technology) and may include testing for:

  • food intolerances (eating wrong foods creates digestive problems and detracts your body focus from more important issues)
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies (lack of nutrients slows down metabolism and disturbs hormonal balances)
  • hormone imbalances
  • fungi/moulds (Candida /yeast overgrowth may increase difficulties to conceive)
  • toxicity and liver metabolism (inflammation, blockages, toxins needs to be minimised for successful conception and pregnancy).

These tests are non-invasive, safe (even during pregnancy) and inexpensive when performed on bioresonance machines. Please consult website for more details about the tests, or speak to Ella directly on 07565825046.

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